Our chef always prepares fresh, healthy meals and snacks for the children. We encourage conversation and the tasting of new foods, always ensuring that mealtimes are a happy and social occasion.


Our healthy, balanced menus are planned with growing children in mind. Our nursery menus are seasonal and always include a variety of colours textures and flavours so that our children enjoy their mealtimes. We use local suppliers and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Our menus include foods from all cultural backgrounds, providing children with familiar foods as well as introducing them to new ones.

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Babies grow quicker their first year than at any other time so we understand the importance of making sure your baby gets the right amount of what they need to keep them healthy and happy. We know babies love routine so we’ll do our best to follow whatever you do at home. We will even store and prepare bottles of your expressed milk if you’re breast-feeding. Please note that we do not supply formula milk.

Dietary Needs

Before your child joins our nursery we identify their specific dietary requirements, whether medical, cultural, ethical or religious.

We always do our best to accommodate any specific dietary requirements and work closely with you to ensure your child is getting 100% of the nutrition they need whilst in our care. We take care not to provide food containing nuts or nut products and are especially careful where we have a child who has a known allergy.